Abandoned Pandas

When we initially created the Radix Panda collection, some traits just didn’t make the cut. After I showed them to our community, they really liked them, so we thought of a way to incorporate these abandoned traits, hence the name “Abandoned Pandas”.

After long back and forth with the community and bouncing around ideas, we came up with the following format, which is the fairest for existing and new holders:

– There will be 777 Abandoned Pandas
– 777 random numbers between 1 and 10 000 are chosen
– Every Panda number that was picked is eligible to swap for an Abandoned Panda

Now here comes the twist on which Pandas you can swap:

– You can choose to swap the Panda with that number for an AP
– You can swap any Panda from your collection for an AP
– You can buy a new Panda and swap them for an AP

This gives the community the choice to shape the collection, because they could decide to swap traits they don’t like for a new Abandoned Panda, therefore influencing the rarity of the whole collection.

How does it work?

The Abandoned Pandas are now live and everyone who is eligible to swap one or more of their Pandas will have received a transaction on the ledger to contact me via Telegram. From there I need to verify that they’re the real owner, by sending them a code word, which they’ll repeat back to me.

After that, they can let me know which Panda(s) of their collection to swap for a new Abandoned Panda. It will not be known upfront which Panda you get.

The picture of the new Panda will update live on Vikingland. However, the metadata will be updated periodically and might lag days or weeks behind, due to it being more complex.

What’s in it for me?

Abandoned Pandas will contain almost a dozen new traits, many of which are rare. This means that both existing holders, as well as new buyers can receive a rare Panda, even though we initially decided to go with a selective buying method instead of a randomized one.

Example of Abandoned Pandas

Here are some of the example Abandoned Pandas