Welcome to Radix Panda

While the OG panda lives in China, this one is at home on the Radix network. A total of 10,000 unique and adorable Pandas are waiting for you to take them into your heart (and wallet). They come in all shapes and forms and definitely show their support for Radix and its awesome community! Can you spot all the references?

Original Roadmap

10% Giveaway of 5 Abandoned Scorpions to 5 Panda owners
25% – Panda Badges for Radix Collection
50% – Lowering trading fee to 5%
60% – Giveaway of 3 custom Pandas on canvas
75% – 1000 EUR charitable donation
99% – Giveaway of 777 XRD each to 3 Panda owners
100% – Lowering trading fee to 2.5% and publish metadata


Everyone loves pandas, and everybody loves Radix DLT (at least that’s how it should be). Because we can say yes to both these statements, we decided to create Radix Panda, a NFT project on Radix with 10 000 unique Pandas.

The people behind the project are me, Max (t.me/maxattacks) and my wife Mild. While I’m in charge of all the technical aspects and being the face for the outside world, Mild’s the artsy one. We’ve long wanted to work on a project together, so combining our skills and interests in this way is right up our alley.

Inspired by Korone_Stan’s Abandoned Scorpions, the price for each Panda will be 20 XRD, and everyone can choose the ones they like!